Get Precise Edges with the Best Drafting Tape for Artists
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Get Precise Edges with the Best Drafting Tape for Artists

Jun 13, 2024

Color inside the lines! Use artist’s tape to get clean edges and borders and to secure your work to a wall or drawing board. Formulated with a moderate- to low-tack adhesive, artist’s tape won’t leave residue or tear your paper. No artist’s tool kit is complete without it. Browse our selection of the best options below.

Mr. Pen’s product comes in a pack of three rolls, each with 50 yards of 0.6-inch-wide tape. Mr. Pen’s tape holds firmly in place without leaving residue, tearing paper, or curling at the edges. While easy to tear off the roll and to remove from your artwork, this tape adheres to a multitude of surfaces including concrete, wood, plastic, paper, and canvas. As a bonus, Mr. Pen is a brand focused on giving back: a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be given to community learning organizations such as schools and foundations.

If you’re looking for a product with a little more grip, go with XFasten’s product. This pack includes six rolls of tape with high- to medium-strength adhesion. Each roll is 60 yards long and 0.5 inch wide. Write notes and measurements with a marker or pen; the matte tape is smudge-proof. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, this tape is water resistant and UV light resistant. Useful for everything from a graphite drawing to an automobile paint job, this tape won’t disappoint.

Art Alternatives’ tape is a good-quality choice. This roll includes a generous 60 yards of ¾-inch-wide tape. Acid free, non-staining and repositionable, this tape is formulated to properly protect your artwork. Use this tape for easy labeling: the surface accepts all writing media.

Console Tape’s roll includes 60 yards of top-notch tape, available in a variety of widths. This acid-free tape won’t damage your work and is made to last. Thanks to its low adhesive tack, it comes away cleanly and easily from paper without ripping or depositing residue. Effective on metal, plastic and paper, this versatile product is a must-have.

For those in the market for a wider tape, Tosnail’s 3-pack of artist tape is a good bet. Made of premium crepe paper and acrylic adhesive, this tape provides a 2-inch-wide writable surface and strong adhesive. Apply this tape to a variety of surfaces and remove it cleanly without leaving residue. Featuring 164 total yards of tape, this product is a wise option.